Digital Media Storage

Digital Media Storage System

It is said that digital media marketing will increase by 37% every year. With the growth in the pace of business and commercial success rates getting challenging, it is important that you keep abreast with the latest in the marketing and digital world. Nexhom is considered to be the representative of the entire digital media industry in Australia. It is a provider of all the services across any media platform that helps to develop digital business, for growth and revenue purpose. For Nexhom clients to become digital leaders there is expert help in designing transformation map to address all the challenges of the organization.

Nexhom is dedicated to offer all-inclusive, high quality blank media storage for back up and promotional material. You as a client have a tale to tell, a reason to converse, a consumer to find, a package or product to endorse to the world, and Nexhom helps provide that for you. You never have to lose any of your work now since you can have them stored on Nexhom’sBluray and DVD storage material. Label them and they will always be available for you to reference at any given time. The need to store physical copies of transactions is a thing of the past, now all the evidences are available but without investing in storage space. Data back-up can be made through DVD,Bluray16GB ,Bluray 25GB and Hot Swap Portable Hard drives

How this helps you?

Nexhom’s advanced back up material is of immense use since you have an option of choosing the kind of storage device that you would like to make a backup from. The DVDs are able to support HD and non HD formats depending on its type. The Bluray has a better thread count and is able to provide a better resolution to the images that you store.

The backup storage can be used for commercial or personal uses. Many professionals would like to keep records of their work which are perfect to be kept in these types of storage devices. On the other hand, it is also very handy for personal collectors to be able to keep their movies, images and memories intact in such devices.

Advantages of Blank Media

  • The storage capacities provided are quite high and although all HD quality material may not fit into one storage disc, there are several options. You can choose DVDs, Bluray16GB ,Bluray 25GB or Hot Swap Portable Hard drives. You will have the potential to store series of data of the standard DVD quality in just one Bluray disc and ensure that you gain maximum out of storage saving.

  • You can read and write the content on the storage media provided by Nexhom.
  • The stored media stays intact and unharmed as long as the device is maintained. This means that you can save data on it for years    to come.
  • There are several types of storage devices available.
  • With blank media to save costs since you do not need a licence or replication process that many storage devices require you to    install before being able to use it.

Cloud storage

Lately cloud storage has become very important. Mobiles, laptops, tablets and other digital media have become integral part of our lives. What is better One Drive, iCloud or Google Drive to store large amount of important data? They all offer services to store important data. To store data on a single PC is out dated. Cloud has replaced it by making the data available for the user anywhere, at any time. Nexhom offers services like uploading photos on cloud, sync of document to various devices and helping to work in collaboration on the web are available for free on cloud. . It is best to store the data in cloud because the data not only becomes easily accessible but also boost ailing hard drive.

Online storage has helped to make the task of sharing a large file with friends become much simpler and easier. There is no restriction unlike the mail services hence the data does not bounce back. The data can be instantly available for sharing with the colleagues by just sharing the link of the cloud service. You can get access to array of services just buy logging to it.

Service Options that are offered by Nexhom

  • • Basic storage: Various data size for storage is available in the cloud. If you sign up for free services like Google and Microsoft, then you get gigabyte space to store pictures and other important document. It takes pride in offering the highest level of durability. We have special designs for users that need low latency and access the data frequently.
  • • DRA storage: Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage is cheaper than the basic storage and also has lower availability. It is also designed to offer same durability and performance like the previous program.
  • • Cloud storage near line: it is a low cost service that is used in data archiving, online backups and disaster recovery. There is no need to wait for hours or days to recover data which is common in other on premises archive offering.

Benefits of the services

From various providers of cloud storage space we are considered to be the best service providers to store your treasured data. What makes us special?

  • • Flexible: variety of storage services are available to choose from that fits the nature of data.
  • • Simple: worldwide storage and easy retrieval. The programming interface is simple and easy to access data any time. All this is cost         effective.
  • • Amount of spaces need to store the data
  • • Security: the data is protected through redundant storage at multiple locations
  • • Competitive pricing: all the services are cost effective.
  • • Integration: With simple API it easy to access data.
  • • Security

With Nexhom you can experience the best services. The data is safely accessible to you online while saving the space on your desktop and hard drive. You can access it anytime and any day. The storage of the data is such that there is no damage to it unlike CDs getting scratched and hence can’t be read. Nexhom offers storage facility to all the users from Linux to Blackberry, Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Nexhom has also launched mobile app recently making it user friendly and making certain the fact that your data is with you at the touch of button.

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