Nexhom ensures that innovation and engineering go hand in hand to ensure that there is sustainable development in your home. The experts in the industry are constantly engaged in the creation, communication and commercialization of innovative ideas. They employ the methods and tools to engage innovative techniques in the building of new products and services. The automation industry is a developing space where innovative techniques are used to combine and optimize resources. The techniques could be as simple as having one remote to control multiple home units. Most recently the App culture has caught up and you can install an application on your mobile to control your smart home. The engineering comes into play to actualize the idea and convert it to a viable technology.

The innovations could be small or big in nature when it comes to automation. The source for the innovation are either problems that need a solution or opportunities to make something more effective. Innovations enables to continually improve the standard of living and make homes more welcoming. They provide a dramatic impact on the comfort and effectiveness of the home. Nexhom Services utilize a four step process to ensure that there is so much innovation in your home that it not only makes it unique but also provides the utmost luxury that your home deserves. .

  • Definition – This is the first stage which is cultivated out of opportunities.
  • Discovery – This stage comes out of problems that need a solution.
  • Development – The stage where the idea is developed into a prototype. There is rigorous testing that is taken up on before the    actual delivery of any product.
  • Delivery – This is the stage of execution.


In the field of engineering and automation the part that innovation plays more of a role than research and development. At Nexhom, innovation is an end to end process which gains more value when it is implemented. Innovation encompasses:

  • Creation or generation of new aspects within automation products, activities, services or processes.
  • Giving your home a unique look and different perspective.
  • Improvement in the existing automation of your home.
  • Propagating new ideas or activities
  • Propagating new ideas or activities Nexhom is able to adopt to the innovations that are existing in the market and ensure that it    fits your home in the best possible manner.

Why is innovation important with engineering?

Nexhom ensures that engineering is used in an expert manner so that innovative ideas are convertedinto reality. These could be within making your transportation more convenient or get more out of the appliances at your home. Nexhom can help you make any part of your life as simplified and easy to deal as you like. Get rid of all the activities that hog on your resources, get the best green star ratings for your propertyand maintain your home in the best possible manner in terms of designing, styling and comforting. Buildings and infrastructure are more adaptable to the users when technology and innovation come together. So, many comforts that are enjoyed in the home come straight from this union.

The Nexhom engineers are the drivers of technology and are on the front line of innovation. Innovation technology and technology that boosts innovation are terms that are only slightly different but the intent is to provide a better life standard. At Nexhom, the engineers are at the epitome of creating anything that is essential to a household with a strong intent on making the technology long lasting and convenient to the users. It is sturdy but ensures that maintenance and possible upgrades are quick to deal with.

Who provides innovative engineering solutions?

Nexhom has an expertise in Smart appliances, RFID related products, Wi-Fi control devices, and all technology and public safety related technology projects. The experts at Nexhom have handled various projects including residential, commercial and even industrial building automation. What is better is that the experts also help you in maintaining the property and upgrading projects. You can get advice on projects that you intend to begin and quotes.

  • Our innovation team includes Engineers and Programmers.
  • We design and Manufacture products
  • We are collaborating with some leading Global company in some innovation Projects
  • We Provide consultation for Smart Building and Appliance related project

At Nexhom we have an engineering design process that helps make any project into a special one:

Why innovation in engineering is beneficial?

Nexhom ensues that there is project mentoring brings about a change in the look and feel of your house. This change is either intended at making the home better at energy consumption or more efficient, but mostly both.

You can add better security to your property and ensure that the property is safe from break in’s and thefts. The benefits are manifold including better consumption of energy, more convenience to the occupants on the property and excellent resale value. Adding a touch of convenience would have never been this easy when you rely on the experts at Nexhom bring in automation innovations in your house. The standard of living comes up drastically and the convenience of controlling the house environment at the touch of a button are priceless gifts that come along with the technology.

Sustaining the technology and ensuring that innovation is linked to all of the below is a priority at Nexhom:

Technology in engineering is a field that is boosted by the phenomenon of innovation and provides multitudes of benefits for its patrons. The innovation aspect that is mixed with engineering at Nexhom makes it a unique blend that the users adore.

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