Windows Coverings

Windows Coverings

Time is changing fast but to have automatic functioning home and offices is still a distant dream, just like the television in homes imagine refrigerator being controlled by a smart phone. Today almost all the devices in the homes can be connected to Smartphone and function accordingly. The very first step in the internet technology has been taken to control the shades of window in homes and offices with the invention of new Sonte technology in the market. The best in the market services and expertise in this technology is provided by Nexhom. With the use of this technology the concept of “the internet of things” definitely seems to be growing for Nexhom.

Windows are considered to be one of the most attractive features in home, they reflect the elegance quotient of the home décor even without someone entering your house. Windows give sight, light during the day, provide ventilation and heat during the winters. They are responsible for the amount of heat in the room. By doing this, they contribute to lessening the electricity bill by 10 to 15%. To have to get and move those curtains is thing of the past, with the help of window shade technology of Nexhom it is now possible to change the settings with an easy to use remote control. This control does not necessarily have to be a separate device too. You can add it to your smart phone or master controller for all your appliances. Apart from saving energy digital shades are also cost effective.

If those boring old curtains are tiring, then we at Nexhom give you a digital jump over your neighbors with the digital shade technology. A digital shade changes the color of window from opaque to clear instantly, in seconds. The film reacts to the electric current and is controlled through Wi Fi of the home. The opacity can be manually controlled through Android and iOS thereby attracting larger audience. With just a swipe on the phone the privacy of the room can be controlled. Create different moods without having to invest in the time and energy to change the curtains with every mood.

Advantages of SONTE film

  • • Adjust opacity instantly as per the requirement.
  • • Eliminates the need of traditional window curtains, their traditional shades and blinds.
  • • Provides Ultra Violetand infrared protection in the room.
  • • Free controls to the film are available through apps on Android and iOS smartphone.
  • • Easy DIY installation yet expert help available as required.

Installation and working of window shades

Installing the film is very simple, smooth and can be used for windows, showers and mirrors. The thickness of Sonte film is half millimeter. The film is cut into the size of the window and is hung with an electro static cling. Conducting clip is attached; desired shade is plug into the Wi Fi transformer. This opaque setting can also be used as a projector. Nexhom app communicates with the iOS device through a special bridge. The automated shades of the windows can be changed using a phone or a tablet. A plug repeater can be used for place that not reachable through Wi Fi. The app provides the convenience of scheduling date and time for security purpose. All this costsjust a fraction of what you would imagine it to be.

Nexhom is the market leader in digital shades technology because of the variety of shades is to meet with the demands of various clients and satisfy them. Shade is a creative application that is used for coating, printing and conversion. The aim of this application is to create a clear visual picture for the client.

Functions of digital shades

  • • Smart glass technology is used to make Sonte films.
  • • Rod like particles in liquid stare are suspended between the two thin plastic sheets
  • • When there is no electricity applied to the sheet these particles are rearranged randomly. In this state they absorb all the light, and make the room dark and opaque.
  • • When a voltage is applied to these particles they arrange them self and let the light pass through.
  • • This voltage can either be fed manually or automatically in order to control the amount of light, glare and heat that enter the room from outside.
  • • This technology helps in reducing the energy bills as well as carbon emission.


  • • The electricity used per meter square for the film is less than 5 watts.
  • • The technology absorbs 85% of the UV rays and reflects 70% of the infrared rays.
  • • It comes with a transformer that connects to the home network
  • • Smartphone app makes it simple and easy to use.

Nexhom continues to use innovative method to high impact display graphic. The film is sold in one by one strip format. The opacity can be controlled depending on the level of privacy needed in the room. The film can be cut into any shape to fit different sizes of windows. This technology will definitely replace the curtains and blinds in offices as most of the offices have floor to ceiling size windows and to use the traditional technology here would be clunky. In case of offices the technology has dual use. Windows shades are not only used for privacy purpose but also as projector.

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